There is often great controversy when it comes to eating organic foods. Naysayers claim it has no significant, if any, health benefits and that it is just a fad with no backing from science. However, experts from natural health sciences winnipeg state that there really are benefits to eating organic and that the results are backed from science. Let’s see what they have to say about things.

1. When food is grown organically, there is a noticeable lack of both pesticides and heavy metals. These two substances have been linked to nerve damage and other horrible conditions which can be avoided for the most part when somebody eats organic. Not only have these substances been linked to damage to the nervous system but they have also been labeled as probable carcinogens. In plain English, this means they are very likely to cause cancer.

2. As far as organic meats and milk go when the animals these products come from being raised in an organic fashion, they produce much healthier fats than their traditional counterparts. Grass-fed beef has up to 50% more Omega-3 fatty acids than does conventionally raised beef.

3. Organic livestock is never fed antibiotics to reduce illness because this only leads to unsanitary conditions because the antibiotics are used as a crutch. Livestock which is raised organically is raised in a much more sanitary environment. While the FDA has technically limited the use of certain antibiotics, there are still loopholes which can be used and overuse of antibiotics is one cause of negative human health conditions.

As you can see, there are some great benefits as to why you would want to eat organic. There are many reasons why you should and a few reasons why you should not. Why not start eating healthy today?