We have an aging population in the United States. This demographic fact brings with it many challenges in caring for large numbers of people as they pass through various stages of the aging process. In-home care is growing in popularity by giving seniors the ability to stay in their homes and live independently as an alternative to retirement homes and nursing facilities. Here are some common things home health care services Washington DC can offer a senior.

Bathing and Personal Grooming Assistance

Some seniors find basic tasks like bathing and grooming become more challenging with each passing year. Home health care can help in completing these fundamental self-care essentials.

Meal Preparation

Preparing nutritious meals can become a chore many seniors do not wish to complete anymore, particularly after the death of a spouse. In-home services can offer healthy meal preparation and assist with feeding when necessary.

Nursing Care

Home health services can provide many levels of nursing care. Whether it is general health monitoring, administering medication or post-operative care, there are many nursing activities that can be completed in a senior’s home.

Medical Appointment Companionship

Many seniors require another person to accompany them to various medical appointments. Adult children often have busy schedules that prohibit them from always being there to help aging parents or may live too far away to be of assistance with day-to-day activities.

Medical appointment escorts are commonly offered by home health care providers.

Provide Referrals for Legal and Financial Issues

Some seniors find they struggle to manage their personal business matters. A home health agency can provide referrals to professionals that can perform financial and legal services.

Aging is an unavoidable fact of life. It is important to know the many services available that provide seniors the opportunity to remain safe and comfortable in their homes as long as possible.