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sweeping “reform” of the American health tips care system early this year, and though most Americans are not happy about it, it seems the “new normal” in U.S. health tips care is here to stay – at least for a while. Unfortunately, while the legislation may have been born of good intent, the prevailing thinking is that, over time, if not repealed, it will lead to mediocre (at best) government health care forced upon all Americans. The time is not too distant when you may not be able to get outstanding medical care in the U.S. at any price.
As a portent of things to come, consider the recent FDA decision to ban a breast-cancer medicine solely on the basis of its cost. Have you heard about this? Seems a major pharmaceutical company sank big bucks into creating this solution and were successful in coming up with a medicine that was shown in all its trials to arrest the development of breast cancer. It ain’t cheap, though… over seven thousand dollars a month. Now, some people can still afford something like that… and there are charitable organizations which specialize in subsidizing the use of medicines like this for those who can’t. Despite this, the government seems to have decided that “if everyone can’t have it, then no one can.” How does that not amount to rationing of health tips, despite the government’s repeated promises that any talk of rationing by opponents of its reform plan was just political lunacy?
This is just a taste of what’s coming. The economic incentives offered by the free market that have inspired generations of people to go to medical school and to become brilliant pharmaceutical researchers have been removed. If the “reform” is left in place, it’s hard to imagine great new medicines and brilliant new surgeons being produced in America any time soon.
What does this have to do with your personal health? What can you do about it?
There are two things you can do to help prepare for the future of limited health care in the United States: get serious about your daily health habits (so you will postpone and diminish your personal need for medical attention), and think about starting a business related to health and vitality (to help others take personal responsibility for their own health habits).
I’ve discussed in previous articles the five key daily health habits I call The NEWSS: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, and Supplements. Ideally, you should follow a good basic nutrition program that works well for you – in my case, the low-carb approach has worked best of the many approaches I’ve tried. You need at least five good workouts a week, raising your heart rate to its aerobic target (around 80% of 220 minus your age) and keeping it there at least 15-20 minutes. It’s easy enough to keep track of the water you drink each day, and to make sure you get two liters (or about 64 ounces). Get a good night’s sleep every night – you need eight hours, even if you think you do well with less (remember, your goal is not to get through a hectic week or month, but to get a body that can last you many more weeks and months than it otherwise would). And you should supplement your nutrition with vitamins, minerals, and herbs that your body can’t get from today’s modern American diet.
Sound like a fundamental transformation of your lifestyle? Think about this: if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. In other words, if you want to change your health tips, you will have to change your health tips! But if a full program of The NEWS seems overwhelming to you, start with small changes in each of the five areas. If you can’t buy a book and read up on a full-blown nutritional program, start by cutting the garbage out of your daily diet. You know when you’re eating something that has no nutritional value… cut it out! It isn’t that hard to replace health tips munchies with fresh fruit or veggies, and your body will thank you years from now for whatever efforts you make in this area today. Can’t join the gym and work out every day? Try just taking a brisk walk or two every day. Buy a water bottle and count how many times you fill and drain it each day. Figure out how you can add just 30 minutes to whatever sleep you’re currently getting – start tonight. And when you drop by the store to get those celery and carrot sticks, pick up at least a good basic multi-vitamin.

Don’t assume the government health tips system

The main idea is to adopt a mindset of personal responsibility. Don’t assume the government health tips system will be there to take care of you… do what you can to take care of yourself! If you can’t go to medical school and perform your own surgeries (not recommended!), do what you can to forestall and prevent your own potential future need for surgery. You can’t make yourself live a highly-vital life forever, but changes you make today can certainly pay big dividends later in life.
Starting a business on the side is another way to take personal responsibility for your health future. If you start a health-related business, you will keep yourself focused on your own health, in addition to helping you protect yourself from other recession-fueling government “reforms.” Maybe you have a calling to go back to school and become a nutritionist, or a chiropractor, or a massage therapist… that’s great! But in all likelihood, it would be more appropriate to start a home-based internet business as a sideline to your regular day gig. You can get into an internet business for a fraction of the investment you’d need to open, say, a massage studio… and you can set your own hours and grow your business at your own pace.

many opportunities for health tipsonline businesses

There are many opportunities for health tips online businesses out there. I believe strongly in a liquid nutraceutical supplement that I’ve been using for years, so I became an online distributor for that product… and, since my company offers several other products, I’ve become familiar with some great stuff I never would’ve heard of if I hadn’t added that distributorship to my business. I have a strong sense of “mission” around helping other people discover great aids to their vitality, so for me, it’s not so much about the money (though many of the health-related online opportunities you’ll run into are, like mine, potentially very lucrative). What might it be for you? Visit my web site as a thought-starter, and who knows? Maybe we’ll be partners.
Americans traditionally have been great at adapting to whatever conditions present themselves. The American way to adapt is through entrepreneurship, individual effort, and personal responsibility. Like many U.S. citizens, I’m hoping (and voting) for a change in the government’s current course of action regarding health care… there are many better ways to reform our system than those put forth so far. But change is far from certain. In the meantime, I think the time is right to take charge of your own vitality. Play it right, and you’ll end up with a healthy body, and a healthy bottom line too.