Varicose veins are often unsightly and can cause self-esteem issues for the people who have them. Fortunately, there are treatments for these veins that are usually minimally invasive. Doctors in varicose veins Mobile AL offices will sometimes use laser therapy or sclerotherapy to treat this issue instead of performing surgery. A solution of salt and water is injected into the vein. When the solution is in the vein, it begins to irritate the lining. This will cause the vessel to collapse and become smaller, which will result in the vein not being as noticeable under the skin. The blood will clot in the vein. Scar tissue is formed, which will then go away over time so that there is no longer a varicose vein seen.

This is a treatment method that works well for most patients, especially those who don’t have as many varicose veins that need treatment. You will need to meet with a dermatologist to determine whether this is a treatment that will work for you and to see if your overall health is of the best condition for the treatment. If you’re pregnant, then you are not eligible for this type of varicose vein treatment. If you have had blood clots in the past, then your doctor will examine your health to determine if this will be a safe procedure or if other treatment options need to be examined. If you have veins that could be used in the future for heart procedures or other procedures, then this treatment will usually not be completed because the veins need to be present in order for them to be used.

A small needle is used to inject the solution into the vein. There could be mild cramping at this time, but there usually isn’t any kind of severe pain associated with the injection. Multiple veins can be treated during one visit depending on their size and their location to each other.