One behavioral trait that can really hold business owners back is maintaining a perfectionist attitude. This type of attitude causes the mind to operate in all kinds of damaging, ineffective ways. For example, people who adopt a perfectionist modality in the workplace setting oftentimes develop obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or fall into the trap of micromanagement. In many if not most cases, the perfectionist attitude results from a desire to get things done correctly and quickly. Luckily, there are many strategies that business owners can utilize to overcome their proclivity to operate in a perfectionist manner. Below you’ll find four strategies that can help you embrace excellence without becoming obsessive or going overboard:

1. Utilize Time Management Strategies.

One great way to ensure that your business operates in excellence without falling prey to the perfectionist modality is by implementing time management strategies. These strategies will facilitate order and productivity and thereby prevent the emergence of perfectionist behaviors that tend to surface when individuals feel that things are out of control. Time management software is one of the simplest and straightforward tools you can use for this purpose. This software enables business owners to automate and expedite key processes such as employee clock in/employee clock out and shift scheduling. The development of time-sensitive goals is another way to prevent you and your staff members from wasting time.

2. Delegate (Or, Don’t Micromanage).

Perfectionists tend to micromanage, and this type of activity tends to quell productivity. Even when employees attain and maintain the ability to remain resilient to constant critiques and monitoring from their boss, they will oftentimes become immensely irritated upon recognizing that they’ll be subjected to relentless correction and observation while in the work setting. Thus while you may think that constantly analyzing and correcting your staff’s work will make your company operate more efficiently, you’ll likely find that your efforts have the opposite effect. So instead of micromanaging, try to focus on delegating tasks to individuals who possess the credentials and competence necessary to complete them quickly and correctly. One way to ensure that your employees can get things done efficiently is by providing them with ongoing, customized trainings.

3. Master The Art of Multi-Tasking.

One factor that causes people to operate in a perfectionist manner is a fear that important tasks are being left undone. This is where multi-tasking comes in. By mastering the art of keeping your eyes on several projects simultaneously, you can allay the fear, anxiety, and other emotions that surface when you begin to perceive that everything isn’t unfolding seamlessly. There are several tools and tips you can deploy to master the art of multi-tasking. One of them is the use of analytics tools that enable you to quickly check stats and progress with ventures like your digital marketing campaign.

4. Cultivate An Excellent Appearance Without Obsessing About It.

It seems that many if not most people struggle with respect to their physical appearance. Whether it’s one feature that they don’t find attractive or the ongoing perception that they are overweight, individuals all over the world struggle to accept what they look like. In many cases, the secret to success here is accepting that you’re not satisfied with your appearance and finding feasible solutions that you can utilize without obsessing about your looks all day long. Note that if your issue is varicose veins, you can obtain professional services to reduce their appearance on your body. If you’re looking for a radiofrequency ablation varicose veins Mobile AL residents can rely on for effective services, note that the professionals of O’Gorman Vein and Vascular can assist you.


If you’ve recently recognized that your perfectionist tendencies are having an adverse impact on your sanity and productivity, now is the time to begin implementing strategies that will take you out of the realm of perfectionism and into the sphere of excellence. Use some or all of the techniques outlined above to start operating in a more effective, expedient, exemplary manner!