7 miracles of miracles

I begin my journey with an open soul towards SPIRITUAL LIFE which will open my eyes and understand what this LIFE GOAL is. The more I walk, the more thirsty I will be for SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. Until I found the KEY OF THE MAGIC that introduced me to the GLORY of GOD. Miracles are teaching devices for demonstrating it is as blessed to give as to receive. They simultaneously increase the strength of the giver and supply strength to the receiver. Check out https://acim.me
THE KEY that brings me to understand this self and understand the FREEDOM OF GOD. The owner of KNOWLEDGE resides in ourselves and our souls. DIVINE LIGHT that arouses us even though we don’t realize it …

Everything is sourced from the simple ASMA UL HUSNA but has the power that fills the hearts of every creature in the universe. I understand this after studying the MECHANISM THAT MAKE ASMA UL HUSNA so that we know that it turns out that our entire life is controlled by ASMA UL HUSNA.

GOD, through ASMA UL HUSNA, is the one who moves and gives a way for us to be RICH, HEALTHY, HAPPY, BEAUTIFUL / LOOKED, HARMONY, LOVED and FORGIVE.

Actually, ASMA UL HUSNA is 99. But I only focus on SEVEN ELEMENTS or 7 NAMES OF GOD that are in accordance with MY LIFE GOAL.

I provide this information to those of you who want to improve their SPIRITUALITY LIFE. Those who want to be transformed get better. Because by transforming into a better one, it is hoped that this world will change for the better. We are transforming for the earth and the future of our brighter grandchildren.

After transformation, we will get ENLARGEMENT from the inside. FEAR is lost, SAFETY changes with KEBAHAGIAAN in life and we will RISE in our new life. At that time we learn how to communicate with others. We will also feel HAPPY from those who love us. IRI HEART, JUSTICE, Fears disappeared with LOVE, MOISTURE, INSPIRATION, and CREATIVITY. Then immediately we realize that we must help them. Free the people around us with the Prayer we pray. Because no one can free all suffering other than good deeds.

This is the LAW of GOD. The quick way to achieve SPIRITUAL ENLARGEMENT is by ASSISTING. I am sure, these sharing moments are the most pleasant moments. We will never feel TIRED, TREATED, ILLNESS or ASSESSED.

No one can guarantee that after undergoing these 7 KEY SPIRITUAL MIRACLES you will not face problems in the future. Because the problem came from GOD. It’s just that after we live it we can reduce the possibility of the problem.

For me personally, I always start the day full of THANKSGIVING while learning that everything that comes to me today is a little or a lot of REJEKI. With this Sincerity, there arises in me a feeling of QUIET, PEACEFUL and always doing any ROUTINES with HAPPY feelings. In this case, I do not want to say that life is easy. But what I feel is that now I feel LIFE than before.

If you are a person who is disappointed with the PAST and has no hope with this time, then I recommend starting wanderings following this STREET.