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HTML and its importance in web development

We all use the Internet almost every day whether it be for work or to do our own thing such as online shopping, browsing and updating our social media accounts, searching for the latest online movie, or perhaps looking up the newly opened spa in town, etc. Every time we browse the different websites, we see amazing things.

So, have you ever wondered how these pages were created and designed? Have you ever intrigued by how web developers work and how hard their tasks are? Or maybe, you are even interested in becoming a web designer or web developer? For you to do all of these, there are important things that you need to know.


kldkld894If you are a web developer, one of the most common terms that you will come across with is Hypertext Markup Language or simply HTML. What is it? And what is its importance in web development?

First of all, HTML is the most important aspect when it comes to determining the structure of a certain website. You need to utilize this fundamental technology in order for you to be able to differentiate the content of the site that you are developing. On webpages, you will usually see images, videos, links, paragraphs, and other forms of content, and will all of these, HTML plays a vital role.

With that said, it is important that you familiarize yourself with this technology as it will serve as your stepping stone when developing a page. So, where and how do you start learning HTML? You would need to learn all the basics.

Learning more about HTML

On the Internet, you will find various websites that can provide you with all the things that you need to learn about this language. For sure, you will ask, which site should i visit to learn all about cms html xml linux css3 xhtml? There are many of them online, but you need to choose one that can give you the best details. You also have to learn about embedding, multimedia, as well as tables and forms. And most of all, you have to know how to solve HTML problems.

Its importance

klkldf9854Without a knowledge of HTML, developing and designing a good website would be next to impossible. You MIGHT be able to do so, but the website won’t have that much impact. It would be very plain and simple. Of course, nobody would want to browse a site that comes with just paragraphs and nothing else!

In a nutshell, HTML serves as the backbone of an excellent web page. Therefore, if you want to be successful in the field of web page development, this is something that you should learn first.…

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Selecting the perfect IDE

An IDE, or integrated development environment, is a software that is used to develop other software for different platforms. If you are starting out in any programming language, the first thing you will have to do is make a choice of what IDE you will be using.

If you are in need of a robust programming IDE, here is what to look for.

Choosing the perfect IDE

Platform supportslkdnvaknsdvlknsdlkvnlksadnvlksadlkvlksandvsadv

You have to go with an IDE that supports the platform you work with. When programming, you will be working with a primary operating system. After selecting an operating system, for instance, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS; make sure that the IDE supports your OS.

As an added advantage, go for an IDE that supports different platforms. This is useful because in the case that you interact with the various platforms on a daily basis, then you can enjoy using the same development meant environment.

Language support

There are so many programming languages out there, hence the need to select an IDE that supports your chosen language. The good news is that most of them do support the common programming languages, making it easier for everyone to work from one platform. Some of the commonly supported languages include Java, PHP, C#, C++, just to name a few.

The best way to find the perfect IDE for your language is to visit a programming langue’s official site and find the recommended programming environments.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is the process through which an IDE uses different color codes to make it easier for the user to go through their code. Different colors are assigned to different constructs of a given syntax. This is crucial and will help you a lot when it comes to troubleshooting your code.


Unlike a common text editor, IDE’s come with the capability to compile code into a finished product. It is important that you learn about compilers, and find out which one works best for you. A good IDE will support different compilers, and allow you to select the one you prefer.

Even better, if it allows you to plug in third party compilers. This level of flexibility is always welcomed.


A debugger is a program that helps you find errors in your code and correct them. Every IDE comes with a built-in debugger. The presentation of the errors should be your choosing point.

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Tips on how to be a better programmer

Computer programming is one of the best paying jobs these days—hence the reason why most people take it up in colleges. However, even with so many people joining computer oriented courses, the number of quality programmers is still wanting—resulting in the huge shortage in the industry.

One other thing that is usually not highlighted in most programming circles is that the best programmers are self-taught. Take Bill Gates, and, Mike Zuckerburg, both dropped out of college; yet made the most successful software. In this post, we will be looking at what makes a good programmer and why you should be interested in it.

What is programming?

For computers to work, they require instructions on how to perform every task. A programmer specializes in creating this instruction and packaging them as programs.

How to start programming?ksalnvlksandklvnlsadnvlknasdlkvnlaskdnvlkasndvlkasndvlksadnvasd

Joining programming is one of the easiest things you can ever do. It is simply learning a new language. Programming languages work by providing logic to computers.

To get started, you can either join a computer science or engineering course or just do it yourself by reading books.

How to be good at programming?

Here is what you need to do if you want to do;

Join the open source community

The first thing that you need to do is to join the various online open source community. Open source is a term used to describe software that is made and availed to the general public for free, both the finished product and the code for anyone who wishes to study it.

In such a community, you will meet friends, both newbies and experienced ones. This is the best way to learn, given that you will have a community to ask for help in case you do not understand a certain concept.

Be consistent

Consistency is the most important aspect of being a programmer. By doing something over and over, it becomes second nature, ensuring that you fully understand concepts and use them to solve real-world problems.

Read different books

There are various approacheslknsdlkvnlksadnvlknsadlnvlkasdnvlkasndlvknaslkdnvasd to different problems, particularly when it comes to programming. This is why learning from different books is advisable. Make a point of researching from different sources—it will help you develop your unique programming style, combining all the good skills you learn from every source.

As of 2017, there are thousands of programming jobs in the US alone that are yet to be filled. Keep learning to program, and soon enough you will be filling these jobs.…

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